Sunday, November 15, 2009

What is the scientific name of this spider?

I had always thought this was a common garden spider, but apparently the garden spider is the European Garden Spider which has yellow ribs down it's torso.

The spider I am looking for has a yellow bar down it's back and is dull green and light brown. It can grow quite large and has thick legs, not spindly ones. It's legs aren't visibly hairy and it makes orbs not webs. If you go out into a yard in missouri, it's the first spider you will find.

However, I can't find it on google images.

What is the scientific name of this spider?
Wolf spiders don't make orb webs. A large orb-web building

spider would be in the family Araneidae. There are many

species in this family, but the common large ones in

Missouri that have a lot of yellow on them are the Golden

Garden Spider, Argiope aurantia, and the Banded Garden

Spider, Argiope trifasciata. What is called garden spider in

Europe is Araneus diadematus, a quite different spider, which

has been introduced into the United States where it occurs in

Washington and Oregon, and from lower Michigan east and

north to Newfoundland. It is also called the cross spider

because of white markings forming a cross on the back.
Reply:Maybe its an (garden) orb web spider Eriophoria transmarina

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