Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is the scientific name for a vampire?

I know the (given) scientific name for humans are homo sapiens, werewolves ar homo lupus, so what is the scientific name for vampires?

What is the scientific name for a vampire?
no werewolves are lyconthropes, vampires are Nosferatu! also homo nus nocturnes. the vampire bat is Des modus!

Vamps and Werewolves do exist, you ignorant humans. I know, for a fact. Don't test me. :] Report Abuse

Reply:iv never heard of it but as Nosferatu before by some scientific type people.
Reply:since there is no such thing, there is no name. that is like asking "what is the scientific name for hobits?"
Reply:actually, werewolves ARE NOT homo lupus. They do not exist, and if they did they certainly wouldn't be in any of the normal animal kingdoms. I agree completely with the hobbit example, if there is no existence, then it has not been classified as a species, genus, phylum, kingdom, order, and so on and so forth.
Reply:There is no such thing as a homo-lupis so it is not an actual word.

Parasite would best describe a vampire.
Reply:I'm not sure about for the vampire himself, but the name of the disease is porphyria. So i suppose it would be porphyriac?

Or at least, porphyria is believed to be the disease causing most cases of people convinced they need blood to survive...because the thing is, they actually DO. Or at least, they need the heme IN the blood.

It would mean blood crazy, or blood happy.
Reply:I believe it is "Humunous-noctourna"
Reply:Homo sanguinus
Reply:I dont know the answer but I do want to apologize on behalf of the cynical people who dont know that, when a person ask for a specific answer, they dont want people giving them negative feed back, JUST THE ANSWER THEY ASKED FOR! Thanks for listening.
Reply:Bloodsuckus fangus
Reply:succubus and incubus.???
Reply:haha I agree with justin
Reply:None, science does not acknowledge the existence of vampires and, as such, does not have a name for them.

Even cryptozoology doesn't have a "scientific" name other than "vampire."
Reply:A quick search turned up several different vampiric terms. But I don't know that they are the scientific name you are seeking.


-Strigoi mort

Reply:umm... waffles!?
Reply:It doesn't exist so it doesn't have a scientific classification


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